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Sponsorship Terms and CONDITIONS


The terms and conditions, properly executed by a corporate sponsor, shall upon acceptance and notification of sponsorship assigned by conference management, constitute a valid and binding agreement. SCITDA reserves the exclusive and total right to control all aspects of the conduct of these events; and specifically, it reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any sponsor for inclusion in the conference Sponsorship.  Requests for sponsorship may be refused or restricted due to space limitation or other reasons determined by SCITDA. SCITDA also reserves the right to render all interpretations and decisions, should questions arise, and to establish further regulations as may be deemed necessary to the general success and well-being of the Sponsorships and Conference.  Conference committee’s decisions and interpretations shall be accepted as final in all cases.  SCITDA will have sole control over all admissions of persons to the Conference.  The acceptance of this contract does not carry nor imply endorsement of the product or service by SCITDA.  

SCITDA reserves the right to restrict any exhibit or sponsorship because of noise, method of operation, size of display, or any behavior that is judged dangerous or objectionable; and also to prohibit, or to evict, that which is considered to distract from the general character of the exhibit area and/or sponsorships as a whole.  This general restriction includes persons, things, conduct, printed matter, or anything deemed objectionable by SCITDA.  In the event of such restriction or eviction, SCITDA is not liable for any refund or other sponsor expenses. 

Sponsor agrees to conform to all rules and regulations stated below.  Breaches or infractions of these rules may jeopardize the right to sponsor at future conferences hosted by SCITDA.  


1. PAYMENT: Payment is encouraged at the time of sponsorship registration.  To secure a sponsorship payment must be received within 30 days of sponsorship registration; otherwise, the sponsorship may be forfeited.  Checks must be made payable to SCITDA.  Payment by credit card will also be accepted and will be charged a fee.  Sponsors with a balance due will not be allowed at an event until the balance is paid in full prior to the event start date.    

2. CANCELLATION: Corporate sponsorships are based on each calendar year. Annual sponsorship cancellations must be received in writing sixty (60) days prior to the start of the spring conference.   Cancellations are effective on the date written notification is received by SCITDA.  A fifty percent (50%) refund will be given for cancellations received more than thirty (30) days prior to the start of the Spring conference.  Sponsors cancelling within thirty (30) days of the spring conference and thereafter during the sponsorship year will be responsible for payment in full. Failure to appear at a conference does not release Sponsor/Exhibitor from responsibility for payment of the full cost of the sponsorship and contracted booth space and may jeopardize the right to sponsor at a future conference. In the event of cancellation, space reverts back to SCITDA for use at its sole discretion. SCITDA’s ability to resell the space shall not affect the refund schedule. 

3. RENTAL AND ASSIGNMENT OF BOOTH: Booth selection will be made at the time of sponsorship registration.    SCITDA, however, reserves the right to make the final determination of all space assignments in the best interests of the conference.    

4. USE OF SPACE, SUBLETTING SPACE: No Sponsor/Exhibitor may assign, sublet, or portion his space to another business entity or individual without the express permission in writing from SCITDA.  At least 50% of the allowed event attendees should be from the organization holding the corporate sponsorship. 

5. OPERATION OF BOOTHS/EXHIBITS: SCITDA reserves the right to restrict the operation of, or evict completely, any exhibit, which in its sole opinion, detracts from the general character of the conference as a whole. This includes, but is not limited to, an exhibit, which because of noise, size, flashing lights, method of operation, display of unsuitable material, is determined by SCITDA to be objectionable to the successful conduct of the conference as a whole.  All demonstrations or other promotional activities must be confined to the limits of the contracted booth space. Sufficient space must be provided within the booth space for the comfort and safety of attendees watching demonstrations and other promotional activities.  Each Sponsor/Exhibitor is responsible for keeping the aisles near its booth space free of congestion caused by demonstrations or other promotions.   

Literature Distribution: All demonstrations or other activities must be confined to the limits of the Sponsor/Exhibitor’s contracted booth space. Distribution of circulars may be made only within the booth space assigned. Sponsor/Exhibitors in the aisles or grounds hosting the conference shall distribute no advertising circulars, catalogs, folders, or devices.  

Sound: Exhibits which include the operation of musical instruments, radios, sound projection equipment, or any noisemaking machines must be conducted or arranged so that the noise resulting from the demonstration will not annoy or disturb adjacent Sponsor/Exhibitors and their patrons, nor cause the aisles to be blocked. Operators of noisemaking exhibits must secure approval of operating methods before the exhibit opens. SCITDA shall be the sole judge of what constitutes appropriate sound levels.   

6. BOOTHS/EXHIBITS AND PUBLIC POLICY: Each Sponsor/Exhibitor is charged with knowledge of all state, county, and city laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention and public safety, while participating in the conference. No part of the building shall be defaced in any manner, nor shall signs or other articles be posted, nailed, taped, or otherwise affixed to any pillars, doors, walls, or other parts of the building.   All booth decorations must meet flame proofing codes. All exits, hallways, aisles, and fire control apparatus must remain clear and unobstructed at all times.  Electrical equipment and wiring must conform to the National Electrical Code Safety Rules.  If unusual equipment or machinery is to be installed, the Sponsor/Exhibitor must communicate with SCITDA board for information concerning facilities or regulations. Sponsors/Exhibitors must comply with city and state fire regulations. 

7. INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL: SCITDA reserves the right to fix the time for the installation of a booth prior to the conference opening and for its removal during/after the conclusion of the conference. Installation of all exhibits must be fully completed by the opening time of the conference. 

8. STORAGE OF PACKING CRATES AND BOXES: Unattended freight in/outside any booth space at the time of opening of the conference will be removed and stored at the Sponsor/Exhibitor’s sole risk and expense.   Sponsor/Exhibitors will not have packing crates and boxes visible in their booths during the exhibit hours. It is the responsibility of the Sponsor/Exhibitor to mark and identify their crates. Crates not properly marked or identified may be destroyed. SCITDA assumes no responsibility for the contents of crates or boxes improperly labeled as “empty.”   Crates, boxes, or other exhibit materials must be shipped and stored with the convention center according to their rules and regulations. (This information will be in the Exhibitor Kit).  Unclaimed materials by the Sponsor/Exhibitor after the conference will be removed at the Sponsor/Exhibitor’s expense. SCITDA will bill Sponsor/Exhibitors for removal time and materials at prevailing rates.  SCITDA nor the conference facility shall not assume any liability whatsoever for loss or damage to any Sponsor/Exhibitors’ property.  

9. SPONSOR’S GUESTS/AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE: All corporate sponsor representatives must be properly registered and wear their SCITDA badges at all times. The sponsor is responsible for ensuring that only the allowable number of representatives are at an event at any time. Sponsorship conference passes are named and non-transferable during each event. The sponsor assumes responsibility for its authorized representatives to follow all SCITDA contract rules and regulations. 

10. AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT: Sponsor/Exhibitors acknowledge their responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (hereinafter “ACT”) to make their booths accessible to handicapped persons. Sponsor/Exhibitors shall also indemnify and hold harmless SCITDA and the conference facility against cost, expense, liability, or damage which may be incident to, arise out of, or be caused by Sponsor/Exhibitor’s failure to comply with the ACT. 

11. LIABILITY: The sponsor/exhibitor assumes all responsibility for any and all loss, theft or damage to exhibitor's displays, equipment and other property while on The Wilmington Convention Center premises, and hereby waives any claim or demand it may have against the Wilmington Convention Center arising from such loss, theft or damage. The exhibitor agrees to comply with all policies for exhibitors and all applicable laws, codes and regulations.  subsidiary and other affiliated or related companies from and against any liabilities, obligations, claims, damages, suits, costs and expenses, including, without limitation, attorneys' fees and costs through and including any appeals, arising from or in connection with the exhibitor's occupancy and use of the exhibition premises or any part thereof or any negligent act, error or omission or willful misconduct of the exhibitor or its employees, contractors, subcontractors or agents.   Neither SCITDA nor the conference facility can or will be responsible for damage to, loss, or theft of property belonging to or injury to any Sponsor/Exhibitor, his agent, employees, business invitees, visitors, or guests. Each Sponsor/Exhibitor is expected to carry his/her own appropriate insurance. SCITDA shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations under this agreement as a result of strikes, riots, acts of nature, government intervention, or any other causes that shall make it impossible or inadvisable to hold the conference or portion thereof at the time and place herein provided. Then and thereupon this agreement shall terminate and said Sponsor/Exhibitor shall and does not hereby waive any claim for property or other damages or compensation except the pro rata refund on the amount paid after deduction of actual expenses incurred in connection with the show and there shall be no further liability on the part of either party. 

12. PRESENTATION SLOTS: Presentation slots include one presentation attendee pass for use only during the presentation. 

13.  SOCIAL FUNCTIONS/SPECIAL EVENTS: Any social function or special event planned by a Sponsor/Exhibitor to take place during the conference must be approved by SCITDA and may not conflict with any event or program scheduled by SCITDA. 

14. SCITDA NAME/LOGO USE GUIDELINES: The use of SCITDA and SCITDA logos in Sponsor/Exhibitor marketing materials must receive prior authorization from SCITDA board. [Please email requests to] Sponsorship of and/or exhibiting at the SCITDA event does not imply endorsement by SCITDA of the Sponsor/Exhibitor’s products or services.  

15. SHOWCASE EVENTS:  SCITDA makes no guarantees for attendance or member participation at events or exhibit halls.   The Sponsor/Exhibitor acknowledges it is their responsibility to provide timely and relevant information to draw members to their session. 

16. CHANGE OF VENUE:  If for any reason the SCITDA Board deems it necessary to change the location of the event or its exhibits, SCITDA reserves the right to reassign all booth spaces, as the SCITDA deems best. 

17. SPECIFIC CHANGES TO REGULATIONS: Any and all matters not specifically covered by the preceding rules and regulations shall be subject solely to the decision of SCITDA. SCITDA shall have full power to interpret, amend, and enforce these rules and regulations, provided any amendments, when made, are brought to the notice of the Sponsor/Exhibitors. Each Sponsor/Exhibitor, for himself and his employees, agrees to abide by the foregoing rules and regulations and by any amendments or additions thereto to conformance with the proceeding sentence. 

18. DOOR PRIZE:  A door prize is to be provided by each Sponsor (Company) with a minimum value of $100. All door prizes will be given away during the last session of the last day of the fall conference, or at the discretion of the SCITDA Board.  

SCITDA’s decision and interpretation shall be accepted as final in all cases.

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